in response to the first definition.
a foogirl sounds to me like one of the sad 30 somethings that hang around the north laines with their skinny gay friends who all have dreads and wear hemp and "vegetarian" shoes. the sort of shitty wankers who draw "meaningful" pencil sketches while they eat their lentils in the infinity foods cafe (which they only go to because "killing animals is wrong, man") so i think you foogirl cunts should stop trying to be kooky and get a life, a decent job (that rules out "conceptual artist" and "street performer", ok?) and maybe a great big fuckin rain check. cus anywhere out of the noth laines and you'll get spat on by all the other people who got good jobs and wear what looks nice, not whatever is in greenwich village at the moment.
foogirls need to realise they are faliures
by mearni April 01, 2004
Top Definition
A neurotic, psychotic, woman girl. A compulsive liar indigenous to the Chantilly, VA area. Displays low self asteem and will hook-up with anyone showing interest in her booty.
I bought Foogirl a drink and she let me bang her.
by Haywood December 30, 2003
{Kittieus Shopaholicus}

An idigenous member of the rare breed of pink-loving children of the southern banks of wild England. Their favourite things are among others, 80's, art, art class, bill & ted, bjork, bonfire night, books, breakfast at tiffanys, brighton, bubbaloos, candy, cartoons, character plushies, chupa chups, coffee, colour red, comedy, comfy clothes, cuteness, dave grohl, donnie darko, doraemon, dr. pepper, ebay, elliott smith, elo, eyeliners, fight club, flat eric, foo fighters, friends, fruit, fruits, ghost world, graphic design and guitars.

Their numbers have been dwindling in recent times unfortunately, so it is necessary to preserve the Foogirl for all of mankind to witness and enjoy for themselves.
See Woman.
by SovanJedi November 20, 2003
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