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The process of drinking an alcoholic beverage off of the bare breasts of a women.
Beer tastes so much better when you foogie it.
by iuschwab November 10, 2011
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A behbeh Foogz. The biggest shit head you'll ever meet. And just basically fails at life ....
Dude youre so fucking retarded

Isabelle jimenez
by phillip anthony grollo 3rd March 25, 2012
Fake karate used in danceing. Kung fu boogie.
"come on, lets foogie!!"
by Carlton Fish June 20, 2005
Filth, grime, lint or dirt found under a toenail or in-between one's toes
That girl needs to wash her feet, I see some foogie on her foot.
by ihavetopickastupidname March 18, 2014
fake karate. Karate that is used by people that see it in movies and tv but dont really know karate.
"Be prepared, I know foogie"
by Carlton Fish June 20, 2005
a small crumb in a food or drink.
the pulp in orange juice.
>there is a foogie in my drink.
>there are foogies on my food
by Troy Bleekendaal March 02, 2009

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