Usually a woman with superficial good looks due her high maintenance and extensive plastic surgery/expensive clothes/shoes. She usually has zero IQ and talks about her expensive jewellery and/or gossiping about other people. They are usually spotted at chi-chi high class events mingling because that's mainly their job scope!
Kim Kardashian is a foo foo. Zero intellect whatsoever, just 100% fake and superficial.
by Hgsq November 05, 2011
1. a nicer amusing synonym used in place of the word "fuck". Also spelled as "fu-fu". Also see the Italian use of the word "fig".

2. an adjective meaning "strange", "weird" or "crazy".
1. In college I bought a T-shirt from the student Islamic association that protested the ethnic cleansing going on in Bosnia. I wore it at a bash and a guy I thought was my friend and his wife asked why I was wearing that shirt because the genocide victims "weren't Christian". I replied that the first Holocaust took the lives of 6 million Jews (also not Christians) and in addition 5 million people of OTHER categories also were killed. I told them that I don't give a flying foo-foo who the Yugoslavia victims are. I said I don't care if it's Buddhists being exterminated. I don't care if atheists are being slaughtered. I said when a category of people are being raped, forcibly driven out, and penned up in death camps to be offed then the "Christian thing to do" is to raise awareness, protest it and stop it. If we just stand and stare then the next victims could be US.
They just looked at me with a stare like 2 cows watching a passing train.

2. Mojo Nixon, along with Skip Roper sang "I Don't Want No Foo-Foo Haircut on My Head".
by New World Man March 16, 2009
Another definition to sexually stimulate one's self in a NON aggressive manner. This is usually done solo, but can be accomplished in groups of another individual or more. Only a solo act.
"I reached my hand down south and i started to foo foo as i was watching two people make passionate love."
by icytadpole January 22, 2009
From northern england.
Meaning a vagina.
The girl i met last night had a loose foo foo!
by upthesaints December 14, 2005
As in La La Foo Foo, the term is used to reduce a statement which seems to be made unscientifically.
How Can you believe all that fortune teller stuff, is all a bunch of foo foo?
by secretsmastery November 23, 2010
A ditzy, loose party chick. Generally very fun to party with. Similiar to a "fi fi".
Lets go out and meet some foo foos tonight?
by MikeWW January 07, 2004
men's cologne or after shave.
Man! Rich is smelling like a French whore...way too much foo-foo.
by weave March 27, 2003

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