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What you probably typed when you were trying to spell google.
I'll search for it.... - Damn it!
by NESMonster February 02, 2004
An especially fancy person, also known as a Risa Risa
Ya ok Capt. Foofles you go to the Ritz, we're going to the Purple Shamrock
by el burro magnifico April 16, 2010
To meddle with something or to be involved in doing something. Commonly used as a verb replacement for a forgotten verb.
I'm foofling with this thingamabob.

I'm just foofling.

I'll just foofle with this box.

Yes maaa...I'll foofle with the car later.
by waquet May 20, 2011
A military man with a very fuzzy body. Including his hairy balls.
Person: Oh shit, your hiary!
Colby: Yeah, I recken' im foofles.
by 000627000 January 15, 2009
A much better search engine than google. That matt created.
Foofle kicks Googles Ass
by matt135 May 10, 2010
to masturbate
last night i foofled
by pedrosanchez101 April 08, 2011

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