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Someone who thinks they are the Foo Fighters biggest fan or someone who loves the band the Foo Fighters.
"Have you seen that Brendan dude?"
"Yeah he seems pretty cool"
"He''s a Fooey"
"Thats Awesome!"
by CatisAmazing. August 20, 2009
17 44
A word shouted out in exclamation, similar to shit or fuck, but much cleaner, and comical.
I lost my cell phone again! FOOEY!
by rainstorm1 August 13, 2010
87 13
A wet mushy shit the consistency of chocolate icing. It usually smears all over with the majority remaining in one's ass crack.
Kris went fooey in his pants again.
by Cinnamonspecial May 13, 2005
19 70