A person who enjoys eating food, unlike everyone else, who hates food, thinks it's disgusting, and would never consider eating it.
Person #1: I'm a foodie, I love eating food!
Person #2: Wow, you're so unique. I hate food and wouldn't eat it even if I had to to stay alive.
by foodinator August 17, 2013
Someone who thinks they know all about food and cuisine but they actually don't know shit.
Boy: Hey, Marc is a total foodie
Girl: I know right!!!
Boy: Will you marry me??
Girl: lol NO
by whereareya... January 18, 2015
When someone takes a picture of their food and posts it online, for eaxmple on Instagram or Twitter.
"Wow, this foodie is totally going to Instagram!"
by Digitaalinen keittokirja January 28, 2015
Either a 27 year old woman with a boob job, or a gay man with a great job. Both claim to have many friends that are also foodies. They see Rachael Ray have foodgasms and expect the same from Burger King.

They spend too much money trying to emulate food celebrities they see on Bravo, and do ridiculous activities like going out in a party of 10 to a Kobe beef tasting.

Essentially, if you call yourself a "foodie", you aren't one; or you aren't what you think it means. A firefighter would not walk up to a burning building, criticize the flames, and proclaim that he and his coworkers are firefighters.
"This restaurant sucked, me and all my friends are foodies, and my steak wasn't hot enough, and there were some sea salt crystals on my bread."
by Satt Fart August 18, 2009
A foodie is Someone who THINKS they know something about food and the science of cooking. Or even the restaurant industry. Not knowing that cook who just sent out their Precious "Seared Ahi with Lemon Pepper Crotch Crickets en Crote" just got a BJ in the walk-in from your waitress. Who took your order with dick on her breath I might add. Also the reason she's perky tonite is not because she likes her job it's the COKE.
My! my! my! Ethel. Aren't these Dingle Berries a la Supreme Fantastic! Yes Chandler and my Tube Steak Terrine is Fab! C'est Manifique! It's great being a foodie isn't it!
by Chef Deez Nuts January 15, 2007
Someone who has experience in the restaurant business, whether front of the house or back of the house. Only a foodie would know what the hell that meant. A foodie is very familiar with all aspects of a restaurant. Tends to stay in the business for a majority of their life. (excludes college students just in the restaurant business to get them through their schooling)
Once a foodie, always a foodie!
by B.I.G. Edd March 28, 2006
A foodie is a person who loves or has a deep admiration for food and eating food. Does not neccesarily have to be fat, but like eating. They might feel happy or very at peace when being around food.
If you like food, you are a foodie.
by hungrychance14 December 12, 2010

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