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When you feel nothing but deep regret for picking one food item or dish over the other.

As soon as you eat or see the arrival of the item or dish, you immediately begin to feel that you have made the wrong choice and should of picked the other item or dish to begin with.

You won't let it go in your mind. Your emotional baggage(s) come back and hunt you almost immediately as you make connection and think of all the wrong lovers you let into your heart. The wrong food items you pick and the wrong jobs you applied for and oh, don't forget - the wrong classes you took in college. The WRONG names you have addressed your past lover(s).
Car: Damn! I had ice cream just now and I should of just had the bag of chips to begin with!

Janny: It's ok Car, it's not the first time you pick the wrong .. thing to .. eat. um... yeah* ...

Car: What are you trying to say?! don't bring up old shit!

Janny: It's ok, you won't get fat yet, you are just feeling foodgret. Be mindful about picking your food next time though.. I don't want to hear you bitch and complain about your foodgret! I am tired of hearing you repeat yourself!

by Car Sun- September 01, 2010
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