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Synonym for "mouth"
"The victim was punched repeatedly in the food pussy", police said.
by Dr.Awesome-O June 18, 2010
The hole of an ass or ass-hole/butt-hole. The place where excrement comes out or cocks go in. As described by Jonathan Coleman in 2008.
man, i am sore. That is the last time i let some guy put it in my foodpussy.
by lsdemo April 14, 2010
An adult who prefers chicken fingers, Mac & cheese and other types of juvenile cuisine and won't even try other options.
Lori wanted to go to sushi but he said "HELL NO"...because he is a food pussy.
by AngryAnne March 13, 2015
food pussy - Synonym for "mouth."
Ex.: "The victim was punched repeatedly in the food pussy, police said."
by Number 52 June 20, 2010
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