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It's when your farts somewhat resemble the smell of your food you ate a couple of hours ago. There are many different scents to farts depending on what you eat. These kind of farts may smell a little pleasing to you but totally foul to everyone around you.
Food Fart moment:

Dude 1: *Farts* Mmm burrito fart!

Dude 2: OMFG!!! It smells so disgusting! I'm never chilling with you on the days you chose to go to Taco Bell ever again. *Runs out of the room covering his nose*
by Dancing with Fire December 08, 2010
another word for taking a poo.
1.) Feeney: "Ugh. i think i just food-farted."

Caitlin: "Um, Feeney... I think that's called 'taking a shit'."

2.) Mac: "I need to go make a food fart."
by DJZombie March 08, 2011
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