When you see or eat food that is so delicious that you are aroused.
Wow, that burger gave me a food boner!
by jose_spydah July 16, 2011
Top Definition
To enjoy a meal that is so delicious it stimulates your sexual organs thus resulting in a food boner.
My dick hurts today from the massive food boner that steak gave me last night.

Patricia ate one of my bagels I brought home from Manhattan and I could see her leaking from her pants, total food boner bro.
by Dommyb11 May 16, 2011
An erection that occurs whilst thinking about having a steamy threesome with your roommate and his large, hawaiian pizza.
Dude, I have such a raging foodboner right now.
by IHeartCthulhu June 23, 2011
The result of seeing such a delicious specimen of sustenance that you inadvertently pitch a tent.
I sprung the fattest food boner after feasting my eyes on those spicy tuna rolls today.
by Gourmet Mike January 28, 2012
An erection caused by dining on something delicious. Occurs most often when having a great meal for the first time a long while. Also appears when you least expect it, and is hard to control if you are enjoying your dish quite slowly.
I hadn't eaten Subway in so long, and I was missing my buffalo chicken special. I got one tonight and I took one bite and could not believe how perfectly toasty and warm and fresh everything was on it this time, that I ended up getting a food boner. Never has a sub gotten me hard like this before!
by ThatOneFoxGuy November 25, 2013
when one becomes aroused at the sight of food. Happens in anticipation of a good meal.
I got a food boner yesterday when i saw how much bacon there was
by Gurt B Frobe August 10, 2006
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