fool, foolish , idiot
You fooble, look what you did!
by AlliKat February 07, 2005
Top Definition
The dust collected at the bottom of a bag of dry roasted peanuts.
Do you want to stick ya' wet finger in my fooble...
by Lactose the Intollerent November 25, 2003
a brand new term for the world wide indian sauce cooble fooble sauce. As used by mcdonalds, Burger King. And many more popular restaurants
I want some paki on my plate! bring me cooble fooble sauce
by fooblecoobletryhab December 29, 2011
A large pair of balls. Often associated with extremely attractive men that are nearly perfect in every aspect of life. Foobles also love to be stroked and can be played with gently or ferociously as long as the lady friend is attractive
Those foobles are an impressive sight.
by Foobles June 20, 2010
A feeble fool. Someone who is so weak and lethargic that they look like a bumbling idiot.
Get off the couch you fooble.
by Philmography October 04, 2009
To humiliate someone, embarrese
Why did you have to fooble me like that. you tish-head
by Sayitlikeit_is October 07, 2003
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