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when a young woman uses the fat that has accumulated on her chest to give the allusion that she in fact has breasts.
F (for fat) oobies (oobies for boobies) = FOOBIES.

yo...see my brother's girlfriend...she got foobies
by svetla November 09, 2006
22 19
"Foobies" is a contraction of "fake boobies".

The 'F' from 'fake' is taken and replaces the 'B' of 'boobies', resulting in: 'Foobies'.
Damn, check out the set of foobies on that doll.
by BDKGIGN July 16, 2005
70 14
The kamakazi watermelon in The Demented Cartoon Movie
fooby: du du du du du du! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!111
by dopeonarope August 29, 2006
33 17
(noun; plural)

1. "Fake" or artificially enlarged breasts.

2. The opposite of "troobies," or real breasts.
Check out the ridiculous foobies on that stripper!

Take a peek at the foobies that old man bought his trophy wife.
by Luke Hibbs August 12, 2008
12 5
Kamakaze watermelon from the demented cartoon movie.
"what like a kamikaze watermelon?"
*fooby flies in and explodamabobs against dude killing him
by jesus ate my arm January 18, 2006
10 3
Someone that is disliked or weird.
Man, I'm so tired of that chick, she's really annoying and she's kind of a fooby.
by iloveemaaboyfrann July 07, 2009
5 8
Noun; Fat Boobies

Breasts that are big because they belong to an rather large person.
That large person wearing that bikini has very observable foobies.
by Chris Two October 28, 2004
15 30