Idiots who support a charity that believes that the Hiv/Aids virus doesnt exist and infected people should't seek treatment and continue to practice unprotected sex. Its all on their website
Foo fighters play good music but are kinda stupid
by pedders January 26, 2005
Top Definition
1. An amazing band.
2. A mysterious ball of light that followed WW2 US planes sometimes know as "Kraut Balls", they were attributed to Japan, but could be of extra-terrrestrial origin
1. Nate Mendel in the Foo Fighters is an amazing bassist
2. Aghh! There are foo fighters all around the plane. We are doomed!
by Tom Brownlee July 29, 2003
The greatest band in the world,
Purveyors of the greatest music around
"Which is the best band in the world?"
-"That would be the Foo Fighters"
by Ben May 17, 2004
the most bloody amazing band ever. well one of songs hey johnny park and my hero. amazingly cool lead singer Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins who is cute...
best album:the colour and the shape, then probably there is nothing left to lose.
coolest video - low IS CLASSIC with Jack Black. learn to fly is cool too though.
anyone who doesnt like this band are idiots with no taste. stupid "emo/punk" fake retards.
stupid emo wannabe - hey have u heard about that new band foo fighters?
normal person - damn u, foo fighters have been around for like 10 years. you tramp.
by cool February 15, 2005
Fantastic band!
Those Foo Fighters are really a fantastic band.
by Myself May 29, 2003
Fucking greatest band to ever live. Ever.
Foo Fighters leave foot prints on all the haters asses
by Mac Daddy September 15, 2004
1. Musical band constructed in America, containing multi talented Dave Grohl, who can play several musical instruments. He is occupied by the rest of the group, who have earned a glowing reputation.

2. Maybe not as intriguing for some people, none the less, a ‘Foo Fighter’ was a type of Japanese fighter plane aimed to interfere with enemy’s ignition systems in battles. These planes were silent, and never engaged in hostile action. However, when not discovered, many people and scientists alike claimed they were Unidentified Flying Objects which paraded the sky during night time.

Musical band, and an Aircaft.
by larc September 07, 2004
1. During World War II, pilots from all sides reported seeing strange lights and crafts "dancing" in the air during aerial combat. When it was discovered that neither side was responsible for these strange craft--which could turn and accelerate like nothing else in the skies--they were nicknamed "Foo Fighters" after a popular comic strip.

2. A great band lead by former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl.
1. WTF dude, were those Foo Fighters?!
2. Are you going to the Foo Fighters concert?
by jokerman11k3 September 30, 2005
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