One of the original names for UFO's spotted by pilots during WWII.

Also a modern alternative rock band which is where they got the name from.
There goes another one of them Foofighters
#ufo #alternative #band #pilots #sightings
by Aaron A Scott May 15, 2008
Someone who fights FOOs-Mr. T
"whoo dat crazy nigga wid da mo-hawk?"
"he da baaaddest foo fighter in da worl, mista T!"
#mr.t #a-team #fool #bad-ass #honkee
by crowleypada January 04, 2010
The greatest rock band in the world at the moment, fronted by the world's biggest ROCKSTAR: Dave (Rock &) Grohl! Who is also perhaps the single coolest human yet produced here on earth.

Dave's former Nirvana band mate Kurdt Cobain is often refered to as a musical genius. 17 years later however it turns out that Dave Grohl is the true genius.
The Foo Fighters are UNREAL in concert!!
#dave grohl #taylor hawkins #nirvana #grunge #seattle #world's greatest rock band
by B.L. ZeBOB October 23, 2011
1. A band lead by Dave Grohl, which was formed after Nirvana broke up due to Kurt Cobain's suicide. This is that one rock band that everyone has heard but half of the people have no clue who made the song.
2. A person who "saw" UFO's during WWII
1. Guy 1: Whats that band playing?
Guy 2: That is the Foo Fighters

Billy: No, you saw the band.
#foo fighters #rock #wwii #billy #dave grohl #god #jesus
by The Top Percentaged Ratatta May 06, 2013
An over rated rock band that plays the same, generic stadium rock over and over. Popular because Dave Grohl used to play drums for Nirvana and thus Gen Xers and young rock wannabes rally around this bloodless extension of a brief time when alternative music meant something genuine.
"Foo Fighters? They are homogenous rockers with indie cred due to their bland singer who used to drum for this innovative band called Nirvana."
#homogenous #bland #over rated #snore #settle for this #generic
by whitehawk May 31, 2015
Foo is a doric (NE Scotland) word for drunk
A Foo Fighter is someone who can't handle their drink and ends up in a fight when they are drunk
After a few pint that boy turns into a Foo Fighter
#drunk #two can dan #pished #bleezin #billy big bollocks
by BigMc1965 May 18, 2011
1.The Coolest guy Ever

2.A person that fights fools or noobs

3.A spectacular visual phenomena

4.A member of the group"Foofighters"
1.That guy is a Foofighter

2.That noob needs to be Foofighter slaped

3.WOW That was an amazing Foofighter

4.Ross is in Foofighters
by Mr.Josh February 22, 2005
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