A good band that travels the world, holding concerts whilst fighting the foo
-He's fighting the foo!
-Really? Who are you cheering on?
-The foo!
by Jahve October 03, 2004
Mysterous balls of light that followed WWII bombers on their runs. Derived from the French word "feu" which means fire.
A great band of the 90's, their best song is My Hero and their best album is The Colour and the Shape.
The Foo Fighters and Nirvana sound totally different.
by Rockkk April 16, 2004
USAF term for inexplicable visual phenomena.
by mainframe October 31, 2003
One of the best rock bands of the 90's, Dave Grohl is a genius who learned from another genius named Kurt Cobain. The song Everlong is the best song of all time.
Hello I've waited here for you, everlong....
by Alex April 14, 2004
a pretty good band with a misleading name
they call themselves the foo fighters, but you never see them fighting any foos
#foo #fighters #misleading #name #fighting
by thegreatcornholio January 27, 2008
1) Unidentified lights in the night sky in WWII seen by some American fliers over the Pacific Ocean and Germany at night. "Foo" comes from a comic by Bill Holman. Not fully explained, but most likely a result of "Aviator's Vertigo."

2) A great, though uneven, rock band fronted by Dave Grohl, who may be the coolest thing that has ever been.
When flying over the Atlantic, Dave Grohl reportedly saw some foo fighters, and said "cool." Then he went back to sleep to dream about how cool he is.
#dave grohl #cool #aviators #bomb the nazis #dave grohl hates nazis #this is a call
by LudwigWittgenstein May 04, 2009
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