A person of the Orient
Those fongers sure do know how to make sushi!
by john j December 03, 2003
Any phallic item that resembles either a finger or a penis.
Tom: "Could you please hand me that fonger."
Brandon: "I'm sorry, I don't beleive I know what you are talking about."
Tom: "That cordless telephone handset that looks like a finger, could I please have it."
by The Grabulator August 20, 2006
Someone thinks he/she is important (like co-founder), but actually just at the bottom of the food chain
She is a fonger.
by MichaelAtl November 25, 2008
a person who rubs their cock on someones face
want me to fonger u
by pimpizzle October 10, 2003
someone who licks their own asshole
u fong urself so therefore u r a fonger
by spud June 01, 2003

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