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A word used to describe one's favorite activities. Usually used when talking about sexual preferences such as masterbation.
Dave - "Steve, what did you do yesterday?"

Steve - "Nothin', just hung out with my friends. How 'bout you?"

Dave - "Not much. Fondu took most of my free time"
#masterbation #porn #faggoteer #blacknesia #sexual
by Dave Herne May 27, 2008
A fondu is when a male takes a shit on a girl's chest, titty fucks her through the shit so the penis becomes covered in it, and then inserts the penis into the female's mouth.
Tammy was begging me to give her a fondu last night.
#fondu #choclate surprise #fondue #fondoo #titty fuck
by Laminator0016 July 28, 2006
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