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Style of metal more popular in Scandanavia, including bands like Finntroll, Otyg, Korpiklaani, and Lumsk. Folk metal is usually recognized by the inclusion of instruments such as violins, woodwinds, and accordians, and also by the more melodic non-screaming style of singing and more medieval sounding riffs.
Someone asked me if I liked Slipknot, so I punched him clear in the sternum and as he was gasping for air on the floor I told him I only listened to pure Finnish Folk Metal, not pussy American merchandise-metal.
by SirHonorable October 11, 2005
Realy awesome type of metal; better then all this crappy nu-metal. celtic, medieval and viking music inspired music that includes violins, woodwinds, bagpipes, etc. melodic with medieval sounding rifts, lyrics deal with mythology, paganism and ancient warfare.
Folk metal\viking metal: Finntroll, Eluvietie, Ensifirum, Korpilaani
by Evrae Wolfsong July 16, 2010
Folk Metal is what you get when you travel back in time to the Middle Ages to kidnap a travelling bard and replace his lute with a Fender Stratocaster.
Friend 1: "Man, that guy can really shred! How did you meet him?"

Friend 2: "Yeah, Sandor is pretty sweet at folk metal. I captured him during a visit to Hungary in 1372."

Friend 1: "lolwut?"
by gr33nf00t March 01, 2012
A style of music very popular in Scandinavia (Finland), The music is fast passed and very melodic. Most Folk Metal bands are not respected in the underground metal scene because it targets more of a mainstream audience. This music is for people who fear bands like Possessed and Kreator.
Folk Metal Fan : Have you heard of Ensiferum?

Metalhead: is it one of those bands that use twinkley sythns?
by i_am_omerta August 27, 2009
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