FOI = Found On Internet. This is a standard response to someone asking where you found a picture, video, or the like; especially when you don't *actually* recall where you found said item.
My friend: "Where'd you get that weird picture?"

Me: "FOI."
by angryfatgeek January 20, 2010
Top Definition
A term in which means whatever you want it to mean. Also refers to a new sport that was invented by a couple of foisful men.
-I am going to go foising later
-All i ever do is fois.

-Who the fois made this word?
by Foisman47 November 14, 2010
Noun: pronounced foo-wee

Acronym for Figment Of Imagination. Something that happened that truly couldn't have been real due to extremes of audicity and absurdity. Commonly used to refer to events or people. Sometimes described as a dreamlike occurrence.
Person 1: Did you meet that crazy cat Jithin last night? The one that had the one-piece jump suit and clip on earrings and was snap dancing to Soulja Boi??

Person 2: Oh shit, bro! I coulda sworn he was a FOI!!
by P-Money315 January 06, 2010
"fucking over it"; to be over something
foi first and third period.
by seeruh May 29, 2007
Full If It - To be full of hot air or a "know-it-all".
"He is foi". "She is foi", "They are foi"
by Tony The Tiger August 06, 2012
Fruit of Inspiration
1. It looks as if i have inherited the F.O.I when i snicked on you working on your new album

2. The F.O.I group have got style and i tip them to sweep the next GMA.
by braveheart1320 March 14, 2010
Your father's sister. ( In Indian ) Aunty
Let's go to my foi's house.
by Krishna February 08, 2004
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