A person who intentionally slows down when approaching or driving through patches of fog, due to fear or other fog related insecurities. The term can also be used as a common insult, much the same way as wuss. However, fogwuss is much more of a powerful insult due to its capability to identify a particularly embarrassing act of wussy behaviour.
Did you hear that Benny backed out of fighting that tranny outside of the kebab place? Sure it was on roids, but still, what a dirty fogwuss.
by Swanofdoom October 31, 2010

2 Words Related to Fogwuss

Somebody who is so scared of fog, that if they were driving through it, they would slow down to a medium to slow pace.
He slowed down to look at the rainbow with his family. Such a Fogwuss.
by BennyDubya October 13, 2010

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