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The situation a person (usually female) suffers when their eyes are coated with semen, creating an effect much like looking through fogged-up swimming goggles.
After receiving a fabolous blowjob, he ejaculated on Nikki's doe-eyed face leaving her wearing a pair of foggy goggles.
by Jaik666 November 21, 2006
when a man coats a womans glasses with a facial of hot jizz.
he pulled his cock out of the librarians mouth and busted it in her face, giving her a foggy goggle
by ep481483 November 19, 2010
This is another sexual act that is similar to "snowballing." A female partner performs oral sex on her male friend and pretends to swallow his semen. When he is least expecting it she spits it back into his eyes and he then has "foggy goggles."
He was being selfish so I gave him some foggy goggles.
by jane April 25, 2003

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