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When a girl goes down on you and breathes hot air on your dick. The goal is to make so much fog that she can write her name in it.
Come on, girl...fog it up...write cha name in it
by Sm34J September 05, 2011
Fogit is the term used by hillbillies to describe the way black people smell, usually in a derogatory manor.

(But No one cares what Hillbillies think because they smell worse and they're racist pieces of bloody cow stool)
Hillbilly Jane: SUUUUWEEEE daddy it smells like Fogit in here, must me some nig*ers around.
by hillbillyssuck January 20, 2009
Lighting Effects company!
Fog-iT is an awesome lighting effects company to get lights from
by Doug October 17, 2003

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