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When a chick with saggy tits has her high beams on.
It must be really cold outside, when Fester came inside she had her fog lights on.
by BoomFizzle January 12, 2011
1. A term referring specifically to a young woman's breasts that hang below the normal level, despite the fact that they are small.

2. Any small breasts.
1. "What's up with Rachel's boobs, man?"
"You mean her fog lights? Idonno, it's kind of weird."
"I still think she's hot."

2. "You know that Kennedy girl? She got drunk the other night and showed everyone her fog lights."
by Mister Squishy October 24, 2007
alcoholic influence, typically followed by "blinders"...
yo jay had "fog lights" on last night when he hit travis...
by Jay Val March 14, 2007

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