A character from Halo (the first game). Foehammer is the aircraft pilot that is used throughout the game in different areas.
Foehammer is a Pelican pilot from Halo.

What more is there to say?
by Xbot May 01, 2005
Meaning of the Sindarin word Glamdring and the name of the sword Gandalf claimed from the trolls' treasure in The Hobbit.
"I know that sword! It is Glamdring, the Foehammer!!" said the Goblin King in The Hobbit cartoon.
by Tezcatlipoca September 26, 2009
Some stupid bitch that dies before she can give you a ride to safety in halo, making you have to get your ass back in the car and drive for another few pointless minutes
Shit, foehammer just died, now i gotta drive for a few more lame repetitive minutes, now I wish I had my bike fixed.
by mastergfbildert May 20, 2007

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