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1) (Noun) A fondue noodle.

2) (Noun) Something that is not entirely accurate, stitched up, or all there.

3) (Noun) Fodoodler -- A person who is absent minded or flustered.

4) (Verb) To BS or guesstimate.

5) (Adjective) Fodoodly – To describe something that is a little off or that is not quite right.
Proper Usage:

1) Her/his forecast looks a little fodoodled. It appears that she/he has fadoodled her/his numbers again.

2) She/he is acting a little fodoodled today. She/he probably didn’t sleep well last night.

6) OMG, she/he is late to the meeting again. She/he is a fodoodler.

7) Can you send me a fodoodled draft of that report by Friday? I’d like to provide my feedback before you send out the final version.
by W.O.W. July 08, 2009
A person who hacks facebook accounts and puts on weight while doing it
Omg she hacked my account
And shes soo fat
WHat a fodoodle
by ffsvg March 21, 2009
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