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Name derived from the ancient plant Fodenus. The drug was used in the Early 1980's in England and parts of Ireland as a sex drug to help attract members of the opposite sex.
Look at that guy with all the women, he must have took some Foden?
by Dr Giggles August 18, 2003
A word used to describe a Scottish man who;

A) Likes Haggis

B) Has an interest in fish, but doesn't own any

C) Abuses people who are of equal height.
Man: Hey David, why are you so Foden?

by I_Kill_Po October 11, 2011
A member of the Orange order. Commonly mistaken for be english. Very sexually inappropriate. Very posh
That guy is so posh' 'Yeah hes such a Foden
by supermaniscool December 07, 2010

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