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think of the most awsome thing that has ever happpend to you ever. ever. then multiply it by 10,000,000, add 2, then multipy by 40,000,000,000
chuck noris on a good day is fodaxubilety
by rumblydawg July 10, 2009
the only way to describe it is: cool, smooth, hip, electric boogaloo, tripping the light fantastic, awesome, amazing, spectacular, larger than life, Chuck Norris, chicken supreme, groovy, righteous, smokin, lustrous, boss, keen, hunky - dorey, sensational, stylish, chill, swell, phenomonal.
"What do you get when Chuck Norris takes you on a date?...Fodaxubilety!"

"Fodaxubilety killed Jesus and created Satan"

"Fodaxubilety makes Velma say, "JINKIES!"

"Fodaxubilety is Fodaxubilety"