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the only way to describe it is: cool, smooth, hip, electric boogaloo, tripping the light fantastic, awesome, amazing, spectacular, larger than life, Chuck Norris, chicken supreme, groovy, righteous, smokin, lustrous, boss, keen, hunky - dorey, sensational, stylish, chill, swell, phenomonal.
"What do you get when Chuck Norris takes you on a date?...Fodaxubilety!"

"Fodaxubilety killed Jesus and created Satan"

"Fodaxubilety makes Velma say, "JINKIES!"

"Fodaxubilety is Fodaxubilety"
think of the most awsome thing that has ever happpend to you ever. ever. then multiply it by 10,000,000, add 2, then multipy by 40,000,000,000
chuck noris on a good day is fodaxubilety
by rumblydawg July 10, 2009
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