Stands for "fall off chair in shock", related to lol and pmpl.
Random: Damen isnt gay!
KraiZ: Focis!
Random: Oh my bad, wrong person. Pfft... Damen's a bitch.
by KraiZ December 16, 2004
Top Definition
1. more than one Ford Focus
2. a multitude of Ford Focus'
3. used as plural for Focus
Check out the Foci racing.
That's a shitload of Foci.
Maybe we can get together and detail our Foci.
by TrickFocus June 26, 2006
Short for {focus}, usually weed, but it can be a term for whatever gets you high. Also, it can be a synonym for being high.
Yo man you got that foci? Yeah man I got you.

Man I smoked a blunt of dank. Now I'm foci as hell.
by March 24, 2010
Word used in place of "fuck" to prevent bad language.
Why don't you go fuck your man you stupid foci.
by John Jones January 30, 2003
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