Word used in place of "fuck" to prevent bad language.
Why don't you go fuck your man you stupid foci.
by John Jones January 30, 2003
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1. more than one Ford Focus
2. a multitude of Ford Focus'
3. used as plural for Focus
Check out the Foci racing.
That's a shitload of Foci.
Maybe we can get together and detail our Foci.
by TrickFocus June 26, 2006
Stands for "fall off chair in shock", related to lol and pmpl.
Random: Damen isnt gay!
KraiZ: Focis!
Random: Oh my bad, wrong person. Pfft... Damen's a bitch.
by KraiZ December 16, 2004
Short for {focus}, usually weed, but it can be a term for whatever gets you high. Also, it can be a synonym for being high.
Yo man you got that foci? Yeah man I got you.

Man I smoked a blunt of dank. Now I'm foci as hell.
by chizzle222@yahoo.com March 24, 2010

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