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Foch /foh/
Polish slang word, usually used by youngsters (especially women). It's origins are unknown, but it started being used around the end of XXth century. By saying "Foch", a person shows that he/she is angry about something that an other person did, and he/she doesn't speak to him/her for a while.
Foch, z przytupem i melodyjkÄ… na dodatek!
Raz dwa trzy FOCH!
by Juana the Hedchidna June 26, 2009
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Girl/Guy with red pubic hair. You can normally tell if their pubes are red if their other hair is red too! Some people will dye their pubic hair red to show off a punk, or grunge look.
Look at her, she's smokin, too bad she's a foch. Well atleast she will mix well with Sam, he's a foch too.
by nick with brown hair January 21, 2006
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