NOTE: proper pronunciation for previous definition is 'foe - see -uh '
I focaccia very busy night here at the restaurant. I hope we dont run out of Lasagne again.
by Stella Lafayette December 04, 2004
Top Definition
noun; a delicious flat bread topped with spices (such as basil or rosemary) and other products (garlic, olive oil).
Mmm...I could go for some delicious focaccia right now.
by Cluck Cluck March 26, 2007
adj : cleverly amusing in tone; "a bantering tone"; "tongue-in-cheek advice";
see also: facetious
Hmm..are you being focaccia again? If so, it's not funny!!
by Nicole's Fiance February 26, 2005
noun. Describing a state where a person is going mad over something
"Mr Kras went completely focaccia when i slapped him!!
by Rob Yeo March 15, 2005
n. The ability to predict the future for someone else.
I focaccia enjoying the weekend very much.
by Stella Lafayette December 03, 2004
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