Someone who makes foam spill out from there mouth after slamming beer. Usually a ginger and male he is always complaining about his shoulder and tends to re-tell stories all the time often exaggerated so his stupid acts are less stupid. he has his cool moments but his stupidity kills it....he also better never drink then ride in your car he will puke everywhere.
Dude- dude don't pull a foamy after chugging that beer
bro- No worries i'm not a ginger
by TheREALslimshady2009 August 02, 2009
Cool. It means cool, and that's what it means. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Me: "You're foamy!"
Jessica: "Awww! Thanks!!"
by Mbleh September 29, 2007
refers to the web's greatest anti-hero: Captain Foamy. The dog-punching, soup-loving, sodomite, super-hero voice of a generation gone mad.

Foamy's super powers include: having the ability to fuck anyone (no matter how old or ugly), running 20% faster than you, being able to find and punch dogs, making people explode through the process of butt sex, and having no remorse.
Captain Foamy is here; sodomy is a bi-product.
by Dock Ellis January 05, 2005
All things of the good, with overtones of sensual.
Raspberries are foamy. Spinach is not foamy. Russell Crowe is foamy. Keanu Reeves is not foamy.
by Buffista October 28, 2003
A over-rated animated squirrel. That has a very annoying high pitched voice. That homour belongs in a Blog of rants, not in flash.
look for it at
by PsychoJester January 29, 2005
High pitched, God-awful, sqirrel-like creation of sell-out flash artist Illwillpress. Stars in countless tween-fest movies consisting of him ranting endlessly about the Atkins diet. Very popular on Newgrounds, largely due to the fact that the constant use of the word "fuck" rallies countless Pre-pubes and Emos to vote 5.
by Chloe O'Brian April 25, 2005

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