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A tradition of being a completely hopeless cunt in a variety of situations.

Foaming is a cornerstone of Sri Lankan culture which was bought to Auckland, New Zealand in the 1990's and quickly adopted by a number of people from Hamilton.

To foam can mean to be the guy who never turns up, passes out first or is continually the drunkest guy at the party.
"Wheres jigs?"

"He didn't make it, it was too far to drive"

"That cunt is foaming, he probably would have passed out first anyway"
by Kingfoam July 17, 2011

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The act of a male ejaculating into another human mouth. The mouth is then closed and the ejaculate is swished around like mouthwash until a foamy texture is achieved.
Phil was the foaming champion in Auburn this weekend. Too bad he got too drunk to remember it.
by dripps September 07, 2011