The fashion police.
Jordan, Mary, and Tori are the resident fo-po. All they do is go around school critiquing what everyone wears.
by August 30, 2009
Top Definition
A working class neighborhood in SE Portland, OR that occupies the geographic area between Foster and Powell Boulevards, west of 82nd Avenue. The diversity of businesses along Foster Boulevard gives the neighborhood a quirky vibe. This area of Portland also has the highest concentration per square mile of historic buildings converted into used carpet storage warehouses.
I'm going to FoPo to get a chop-suey omelet for brunch.
by Psymonetta June 21, 2007
Short for Foreign Policy.
I love my FoPo classes.

We need to learn more about FoPo.
by Aika82 November 30, 2008
Fat overweight piece of shit. also can be known as MFOPOS, M referring to Motherfucking. Motherfucking fat overweight piece of shit.
MFOPOS, shut the fuck up!
by Gerald. March 06, 2008
Fake Police:

i.e. Rent-A-Cop
Here comes the fopo on their stupid ass segways.
by zero1two April 09, 2011
Fap out/pass out - the great fap and nap
Dude: Hey bro wanna play some nazi zombies?
Bro: Nah dude I think I'm just gonna fopo... see you later
by selecao9 June 13, 2015
1)Anything to do with the fire department.
2)Popo except it's fire
The fopo is coming to put out that fire
by FOPO for the same rights as POPO September 08, 2003
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