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a forest prostitute (or sleazy sprites as they liked to be called), that typically feeds magic mushrooms to their clients.
Hey man - what's with the pine needles on your crutch? Oh, it's was that nasty two-dollar Fo-Ho from last night!
by G-Lo 11015 September 05, 2011
0 0
a fake boho, or boheimian. A storebought boho look, brand new-old cloths. fashion trend, vs life style.
I just bought a mass produced tye dyed tunic, i love it even though it's foho.
by Jay Casale December 09, 2005
36 4
A shampoo in the 80's. No lie. Stands for For Oily Hair Only. Don't think it did very well.
The FOHO comercial is on again.
by Oblaidon November 02, 2006
12 4
FoHo stands for Full on Hard on (This usually only happens to the Male gender when looking at porn, hot women, or because of the random boner syndrome)
Example: Dude! Becky gave me a FoHo today!

Example2: Bro! Bro! Check out my FoHo!

Emaxmple3: I always wake up with FoHos!
by DKdonkeykong November 02, 2011
7 0
an erotic wet girl
HAyden's Mom is a foho that likes the slong
by Hayden and Billy February 22, 2003
6 12