For sure mother fucker!
Isnt the world a better place since ASHLEY made up the phrase fo-sho-mo-fo? Yeah she's so damn hot... DONT YOU WISH YOU KNEW HER? Oh yes. The answer is "FO-SHO-MO-FO!"
by Ashley April 14, 2005
Top Definition
For sure mother f***er
"Y'all want some fried chicken and waffles?"
"Fo sho mo fo!"

by Schmoozie May 17, 2006
"For sure, motherfucker" - said as if you were drunk, and your mouth is full of marbles (or balls). Frequently used by old men to appear young.
Kid: Dad, you wanna go get a burger after the game?

Dad: Fo sho mo fo!

Kid (embarassed): Oh, I forgot I have homework.
by moehong August 15, 2010
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