Da shortened version of Fo' Shizzle mah Nizzle. Allows you ta say it faster. Means For sure my nigga. Just a cooler way of sayin' it really. Made up by Snoop.
Person: Wanna go ta de store wit me?
Other Guy: Fo' sheezy mah neezy, lets roll...
by Lil Bo March 11, 2003
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Top Definition
fo sheezy my neezy = fo shizzle my nizzle = fo sure my nigga = i whole-heartedly agree with u my african american friend
by Kia May 06, 2003
For sure, my ni**er.
Are you down with that? Fo sheezy, my neezy!
by booda September 15, 2003
Yet another variation of fo' shizzle my nizzle.
I gotta go fo' sheezy my neezy with my girl tonight.
by AYB February 08, 2003
yes and/or correct A.K.A sho' enuff
Lilbritney1:so, you wanna cruise da mall 2morrow?
xoxocandylandxoxo: fo'sheezy my neezy!
lilbritney1:iight cool se u @ dillards @ 7
by Leslie December 08, 2004

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