the deepest most truest form of "fo real" in existance besides the additon of the snoop dogg inspired "izzils" and "izzos."
Craig:yo eddie dropped that fool so fast if you wanted to see it again you would need slow-mo to see it again
Ray Ray:forilla
by Low Clef April 14, 2004
for real, the absolute truth
you digg'n these cat on the mic?
>> forilla<<
by dj clunker March 11, 2003
Like saying "fo' real", but in a different way.
Are you fo' rilla? I ain't going to school: Fo' rilla?
by daniel September 20, 2004
Meaning For real <slang> for a person or a situation that is real
BE for real (forilla,) live for real (forilla)
"They found out I'm FORILLA" Hieroglyphics, Full Circle 2003
by Jonathan Riddell November 27, 2003
An exclamation of truth, agreement, surprise, disgust, question, etc.

See also fo' shizzle my nizzle
, fa' sho', word, true dat, true dat dot com, dot com, truth, et al.
< dude1 > let's jet
< dude2 > forilla
by jdm February 11, 2003
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