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1. A mockery of the use of fo shizzle and supposed to sound something of an insult.

This four letter phrase contains two German words, Schnitzel and Saurkraut, both of which happen to be foods:

Schnitzel (Pronounced: Shneet-zul) A very thin slice of veal (pork) which is made tender by pounding flat with a steak hammer and traditionally prepared by coating it in wheat, flour, eggs and breadcrumbs before being fried in clarified butter or lard and finally seasoned with black pepper and other spices.

Sauerkraut (Pronounced: Zower-krout) Finely sliced white cabbage fermented in lactic acid. The word literally means "Sour Cabbage" in German. It is one of the key ingredients to the North American Reuben Sandwhich.

This phrase can also be used by replacing the word "my" with "mein" (which is the german word for "my" - Pronounced: Mine or My-in)

As in: Fo Schnitzel mein sauerkraut

1. "Oh Yeah? Well you can go fo schnitzel my sauerkraut!"
by Katherine der Klein Fraulein July 30, 2006
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