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An email account that is better than the standard PC email, but not as good as GMail. E.g. Yahoo.
"We can't IM each other because I have some fmail account."
by geniusonwheels April 18, 2009
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A very angry e-mail reply, often loaded with profanity or implied profanity. Can be either personal or business-related. Not to be confused with a flame, f-mails are issued as an expression of extreme dissatisfaction with a specific situation... where you eventually call somebody a monkeyfucker.
When my wireless card crapped out, Chris from Tech Support sent Tech Release 1.01b. When I e-mailed that Tech Release 1.01b didn't work, he sent Tech Release 1.01b. When I e-mailed him again that Tech Release 1.01b has nothing to do with my problem, he sent Tech Release 1.01b. I then f-mailed Chris, questioning his parentage and telling him to give the farm animals a rest.
by The Evil Steve April 27, 2006
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F-mail is shortened from the term "facebook mail" which is the private message service provided for facebook accounts.
Dude, i lost my phone. If you need to contact me just F-Mail me
by GillesBáthory May 05, 2009
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