A very angry e-mail reply, often loaded with profanity or implied profanity. Can be either personal or business-related. Not to be confused with a flame, f-mails are issued as an expression of extreme dissatisfaction with a specific situation... where you eventually call somebody a monkeyfucker.
When my wireless card crapped out, Chris from Tech Support sent Tech Release 1.01b. When I e-mailed that Tech Release 1.01b didn't work, he sent Tech Release 1.01b. When I e-mailed him again that Tech Release 1.01b has nothing to do with my problem, he sent Tech Release 1.01b. I then f-mailed Chris, questioning his parentage and telling him to give the farm animals a rest.
by The Evil Steve April 27, 2006
Top Definition
An email account that is better than the standard PC email, but not as good as GMail. E.g. Yahoo.
"We can't IM each other because I have some fmail account."
by geniusonwheels April 18, 2009
F-mail is shortened from the term "facebook mail" which is the private message service provided for facebook accounts.
Dude, i lost my phone. If you need to contact me just F-Mail me
by GillesBáthory May 05, 2009
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