#1 A spectral ship said to appear in storms near the Cape of Good Hope. Said to be captained by Davy Jones.

#2 The captain of this ship, a legendary Dutch mariner condemned to sail the seas against the wind until Judgment Day.

#3 A phatom ship that was awesomely recreated in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
Look!! It's the Flying Dutchman!!! RUN!!!!
by Minority July 23, 2006
when you fart, then walk away quickly so no one will think it was you who committed the foul deed
I was at this upscale banquet last night and had to perform a flying dutchman; I was so embarrassed! Good thing no one caught me.
by B123456 January 05, 2008
Term used for a guy who constantly circles the bar or nightclub trying to get a chick to talk or dance with him.
They sail around a lot but never come into port.
"That Flying Dutchman has hit on every girl in the bar and got turned down. Maybe he should stop trying so hard."
by justaguyinvegas May 22, 2007
When the blankets are pulled over the head of your partner after having sex or performing/having cunnilingus performed on them under said blankets so that they are trapped with the smell of vagina and/or sex.
"Dude Nancy wouldn't put out after I gave her a mustache ride so I gave her a flying dutchman."
by FrankyMcCool October 24, 2011
when you are siting on the couch, and your fart crawls up your back.
Uh, man I just had the loudest flying dutchman when I was watching porno.
by kein sly July 14, 2006
When you are dealt a pocket 7, 2 off suit in Texas Holdem' poker. This is the best hand you can possibly be dealt in a game of Texas Holdem and instantly trumps any other hand on the table.
Player 1: "Ok im all in"
Player 2: "I will call"
Dealer: "ok lads lets see your cards"

Player 1: "read em and weep, royal flush"
Player 2: "Sorry mate, but I have......the Flying Dutchman!"
by tonymontana6969 December 06, 2010
Its one girl, and 5 guys...one in each hand, one in the mouth and one in each hole down below...essentially she is floating like only the ancient sea-creature would
yo me and my 4 boys had this sick flying dutchman on lisa last night
by christheboy October 28, 2005
The name of a venereal condition that makes it feel like your crotch is infested by crabs, however this is purely psychological and thus the crabs are ghostly.
Man, my balls itch but the doctor says there's nothing wrong.

Sounds like you got the Flying Dutchman.
by Bonasneaks March 28, 2007

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