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#1 A spectral ship said to appear in storms near the Cape of Good Hope. Said to be captained by Davy Jones.

#2 The captain of this ship, a legendary Dutch mariner condemned to sail the seas against the wind until Judgment Day.

#3 A phatom ship that was awesomely recreated in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
Look!! It's the Flying Dutchman!!! RUN!!!!
by Minority July 23, 2006
176 92
wrap up fart within blanket; then toss it
When the dutch oven has become too commonplace, rely on the flying dutchman to get your point across.
by mustachio_11222 June 19, 2009
14 19
The act of pooping while not touching the toilet sit. Normally in a sited position yet hovering over the toilet bowl with your arms extended forward for balance so your butt checks do not make contact with the toilet sit.
Pearson had to blast a duke at Taco Bell, once inside the bathroom stall he realized there were no ass gaskets left therefore he had to perform the flying dutchmen, now his legs are tired.

by Daedae84 October 27, 2008
25 30
Davy Jones is the proprietor of the Flying Dutchman. The Flying Dutchman is the room in which an Angry Pirate, and Davy Jones can occur. The room has used condoms that have organically integrated into the walls of the rooms as well as various bodily fluids that have sprouted weird, unusual sealife. Unfortunately, the room can be cleaned only every 10 years for 1 day, and the "crewman" enlisted for the Davy Jones can't get everything.....this goes on ad infinitum...
"Helga refuses to go into the Flying Dutchman as the smell reminds her of her adolesent job at one of Kathy Lee Gifford's sweat shops."
by JacknRochNY June 13, 2007
30 35
When the blankets are pulled over the head of your partner after having sex or performing/having cunnilingus performed on them under said blankets so that they are trapped with the smell of vagina and/or sex.
"Dude Nancy wouldn't put out after I gave her a mustache ride so I gave her a flying dutchman."
by FrankyMcCool October 24, 2011
0 6
A couch you sit on and may or may not meld into when you are high.
I get up now, I'm about to meld into the flying dutchman.
by Saint Broseph December 02, 2010
3 9
To jerk-off all over her face while she is sleeping
That bitch passed out on me so I gave her a Flying Dutchman and blew it all over her face!!!!
by Dinkstar October 01, 2008
7 13
when you fart, then walk away quickly so no one will think it was you who committed the foul deed
I was at this upscale banquet last night and had to perform a flying dutchman; I was so embarrassed! Good thing no one caught me.
by B123456 January 05, 2008
39 45