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Slang for telling jokes or doing a comedy act.
I'll be performing at the Comedy Studio this Friday night and I'll be flying kites at 9 PM.
by Bobby Bou March 31, 2011
2 7
The effect of having just smoked marijuana and being "higher" than normal.
I turned to my friend and asked, "I think today is a nice day for flying kites. Don't you?"

In turn my friend said, "...but it's night...and we don't have kites."

I shook my head, "I mean lets go smoke that fuzzy green stuff you dork."
by Moira Nyx November 03, 2009
34 12
To get high, generally by the use of marijuana.
Yo wanna fly kites this weekend?
Yeah bro!

Can't believe we are flying kites right now!
Shut up, your ruining the high!
by Derethad June 22, 2010
11 5
another way of saying tripping on acid.
Hippy 1: "I like flying kites."
Hippy 2: "Me too."
by davins October 19, 2008
7 10