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Similar to the Landshark, but with an airborn approach. (sufficient safety gear and adult supervision required) A woman stands pressed against a wall a few feet away from a bed with her loose (or soon to be loose) ass jutting out in a splendor of erotic courage. Next a man strategically positioned at least 5 feet from the opposite side of the bed takes off at full sprint, leaps into the air using the bed as a trampoline, puts his hands over his head as if he were a shark, and nails his woman so hard in the ass she either shits, dies or screams so loud that the neighbors think its the fourth of July.
"And heres the instant replay of Kock Inyu nailing the Flying Landshark on Cok Inmi, All three judges agree, 10 points for the flying asian sensations!!!!"
by J Bornberg December 22, 2004
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