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A 'fly head' is used to describe someone's testicles that are bigger than their penis. The testicles represent the fly's large eyes, and the penis represents the thin/small mouth of the fly, thus being called a 'fly head'.
person#1: Haha look at James, his balls are so fucking big it looks like he has a camel toe.
person #2: Yeah, i reckon it looks a bit like a fly head.
by HUNGHUNGFISH July 17, 2009
referring to a person with beautiful sweapt back features as if they were flying. can also mean having a head like a fly.
Beyonce is a flyhead she has beautiful sweapt back features.
by Kevin Rhyno April 27, 2008
Giving very good oral sexual favors. The best from that particular individual.
She gave me sex all night and Fly Head in the morning.
by Curt Luv February 26, 2009
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