A substitute for the swear 'fuck' used by a few science-fiction nerds in Canada and the United States.
I missed my bus, oh flux!
by Distrust February 06, 2003
Used in place of the f-bomb or darn (who still says that?)
-Person 1: Are you going to the club tonite
-Person 2: FLUX YEAH!!
by thatonegirlinthatoneplace April 27, 2007
Short term for Yukaflux. Vodka and fruit equals flux
Everyone knows flux is the second weekend of March in Red Deer.
by Triad February 03, 2003
an excessive and abnormal discharge of the bowels-real dictionary definition
last time i fluxed it apeard on the weather channel as a tornado in new mexico even tho i live in russia
by nrm4lyfe March 02, 2005
Flux is when a men flex's his muscles while fucking. Usually arrogant big-headed men do this during sex. It does not turn women on.
"How do you like flux baby?"

"I hate it."
by fluxy. May 27, 2009

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