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The absolute WORST place to live full of abercrombnie junkies, old people, and lakers (A name for ANYBODY who lives inside Lake Monticello) Sucky school system, no adminstration, and full of extremly ignorant, trifoling, brand name wanna bees. Some people actually have brains, but often are critized for having an IQ, and sometimes common sense. For more information see: failure.
Peppy Brand name wanna be- I live in Fluvanna County!!
Caring human- here take this credit card and go to the airport at 5:00 a van will be waiting for you.
Peppy Brand name wanna be- You know I got this shirt at aeropostale!!!!
Caring human- Never mind, you'll probally flush my Great- Great Grandpappy's ashes down the toliet, then wipe your butt with 100 dollar bills.
Peppy Brand name wanna be- I'm going to times square to watch the ball drop, Ohhh OHH, and the flucos won a game last week!!
by Great Great Grandpappy December 31, 2010
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