Small city with highest emo, hudlem, pot head, and adulterous population. Most children living here have no money, come from broken families, and are high 24/7. There are no jobs in this city and its neighbor is Flint also known as the ghettoest city in the USA with the highest unemployment rate and top ten muder rate.
Flushing, MI
you: Where you from?
Flushing person: Flushing,MI
you: Aww that sucks
Flushing person:Yeh I'm High right now ttyl
by GetReal429 February 21, 2011
Top Definition
Flushing is a quaint little town near Flint. While Flint is mostly ghettos, Flushing is entirely safe and beautiful. Flushing is awesome.
Bob: Where are you from?
John: Flushing, MI.
Bob: I've never heard of that place.
John: It's a neat little town.
by pineapple_joe July 19, 2011
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