to flurp, from the middle english word "flurpp" possibly derived from the Latin term "phlurpus poopus." Originally used in English to describe a sound made while eating.
Quoted from: "Flurping the Brain"
by E.O. Kondiki, M.D., M.M.D.

A common problem in hypocranial neurosurgery is the accidental flurping of the brain. A spoon-like instrument is inserted between hemispheres (into the fissure) and then drawn back, in an attempt to reposition the upper surface of the longitudal cerebral cleft. If the instrument slips, it usually tosses a clump of cerebral brain matter up into the air, simultaneously causing a very audible flurping sound -- hence the term "flurping the brain." Any non-trained visitors allowed in the operating room during such an incident are sure to lose consciuousness at that point, and the medical staff then becomes distracted by stifled giggles which can occasionally erupt into full scale laughter.
by Dr. "Kondo" Kondiki May 08, 2004
Top Definition
The noise a snail makes.
Person 1: Did you hear that flurp?!
Person 2: Yeah, there must be snails nearby.
Person 1: Oh...
by Dsaramina May 26, 2009
To playfully blow upon another persons skin in a way to make a "farting" sound.
She smiled and then gave me a flurp.
by Big Al February 24, 2004
Derived from the television program "Jimmy Neutron". Refers to any purple drink (usually grape soda).
Mah dude, I'll bring the pretzels if you got dat flurp.
by T La December 21, 2010
It is an alternative word for swearing.....
O Flurp! I forgot my english book on my desk.
by Christien123 March 15, 2011
n: The sound made when releasing semen after anal sex.

v: The act of releasing semen from the ass after anal sex.
"Let me get up; I have to flurp your load out!"
by mrsmithgoes June 24, 2016
The condition whenever you flip you burp uncontrollably.
"Dude, you just flurped!"
"Yeah, I know, it distracted me from finishing my landing."
by Lawlyboo123 December 02, 2014
A. The act of farting and burping at the same time
B. Giving someone a raspberry
c. Making a Bronx Cheer and blaming it on someone else
Male: "Did you just see him flurp?"
Girl: "Yeah, I can't belive your still friends with him..."

Male: "Isn't it normal for moms' to flurp their child?"
Girl: "Yup... But that was just weird..."

Male 1: "Dude, he just did a giant Bronx Cheer in frount of my girl and said it was me! What the hell?"
Male 2: "Get over it."
by Nyanchloe May 28, 2012
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